Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ruffled Burp Cloth Tutorial

A few weeks ago I posted on how to do what I called a casual pleated (see earlier post) ruffle on burp cloths. I'm sure there's an offical name, but that's what I call them. Anyway
I wanted to complete my tutorial on burp cloths with a simple ruffled burp cloth. I think they turned out
real cute!
Materials Needed:
One prewashed prefolded diaper
Three strips of fabric (scaps are good for this) in varying widths
to suit your preference.
And the basic sewing supplies. Being pretty self-explanitory by the picutres, basically I cut 3 three strips of fabric into
long strips.
These were the width of about 30" or so depending on how full you want the ruffles or how much fabric you have to work with (this is not an exact science here). I left the edges raw but one could sew a line of stitching
along both sides to help prevent raveling.
Then I sewed a running/basting stitch down the center of each strip and
drew them up into a ruffle.I measured about 1" to 1-1/2" from the bottom of the diaper and marked it with a washable fabric marker.
I then layed the ruffle along the line and pinned it in place.
I then
the ruffle onto the diaper tucking under the ends of the ruffle at the beginning and again at the end so the ruffles looks nice and neat.
After stitching the ruffle in place
I went back and removed the gathering thread.
It looked neater that way.
I then added another row of ruffles above (though it looks like below from the picture angle) the first ruffle and sewed it in
To add a bit of contrast and interest, I took an even narrower strip of a third fabric, prepared it by
gathering and then
stitched it on top of the second ruffle.
Viola! Another cute burp cloth.
I gave these to my daughter's friend for her baby shower.
She loved them.
Great stash buster.
Sew Happy,

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