Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wedding Gown Update -- Corset Back

I do hope everyone is having a wonderful week.
Mine has been busy as always.

I just wanted to post an update
on the dress.
I am down to days
to needing this done.

I made great progress yesterday
finally completing

I'm pretty happy with the results.
I did finish the modesty panel
that goes behind the lacing
which this pictures doesn't show.
I have yet to get more pictures of the back in its completed stage.

At any rate,
it's coming along nicely.

I have a complete tutorial
coming up on this corset back
that I will post later on
so stay tuned.

Sew Happy,


  1. You do beautiful work!I was hoping to your tutorial you mentioned on doing the corset back.I am attempting to do this to my wedding dress, and not having so much luck. :( I don't know if stress is part of it or what, but I simply can't think.... perhaps the fact it is getting down to merely days away has something to do with it. (April 25th...10 days...) Any guidance would be so so so appreciated! Thank you thank you! Your work is so very very beautiful! Very inspiring1

  2. I like the work that you did on this dress.I especially like that it is modest and Temple ready. Great job!


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