Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Day After - The Recovery Begins

I am calling this day
the day of
I'm exhausted and
there is so much
stuff to put away.
I'm way behind on laundry,
dishes, shopping, errands
and taking

It's wonderful to have
 the wedding is over.
All the pictures have been taken.
The cake eaten.
The car decorated.
And they are off on their honeymoon.
It was worth it.
Every minute.
I'd do it all over again for them in a heart beat.
(except for dealing with the bakery and what has been tagged "the bread bowl incident")

It's a wonderfully satifying feeling
to see one of your own
be so
I think
he walked
on air
all day long.

 I don't think I've every seen him happier.

Don't they make a great couple?


The dress turned out okay, don't ya think?

It was a tad too short when it was bustled.
I had let it down quite a bit, but it still was too short.
That was disappointing to me.
However, she could have worn a potato sack and still been radiant.
(I was sneaking around the professional photographer when I snapped this pic. 
That's why they aren't looking at me)


Here are a few pix of the dress skirt, all bustled.
They aren't the best but we were in the shade and I didn't
dare let my flash go off while
the photographer


Sew Happy,


  1. Absolutely Stunning! You did a GREAT job!


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