Friday, July 9, 2010

A Little About Me

I don't... raisins. Never have, never will. horror movies/TV shows. They tend to keep me awake when I'd rather be sleeping soundly,peacefully.
...smoke or drink. for it when people park in handicapped parking spaces who don't belong there. That just drives me crazy.
...go on roller coasters, Ferris wheels or anything else that is going to keep me from having both feet firmly on the ground. being woke up to the sound of the phone ringing. as much as I would like to. being late. Hate it. Would rather not go if I'm late.
...being too early either.
...ever seem to get my laundry caught up.
...window shop much any more thanks to the Internet.
...wait in line for hours to see a movie in the wee hours of the morning. I'd rather wait until it's on DVD.
...exercise as much as I would like to
...swim very well
I do...
...enjoy a good chick flick chocolate from home part-time
...try to knit from time to time
...tend to use commas too often in my writing
...have a messy desk all things Bath & Body Works to have all my family around me whenever possible
...want my home to be a beautiful & loving place to be
...own my own Nintendo DS and have a vast collection of games Cheesecake Factory!
...think that I have the cutest grandson in the whole world
...enjoy new age piano music
...enjoy having a spell checker
That's just a little bit about me...
Sew Happy,

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Burp Cloth Tutorial: Casual Pleated

My very first tutorial!! Yay for me!! I'm excited to share with you my take on the burp cloth. I call it Casual Pleated because the trim is pleated in a very casual way.

Materials needed:
Prewashed, prefolded baby diapers. I used the Gerber brand as that seems to be what is readily available.
Several strips of fabric in fun colors.
Thread. I used white but a contrast thread might be fun.
Iron/ironing board
Sewing machine, scissors, pins, etc.

The first thing I did was to prewash the diapers and fabric. I certainly didn't want to have puckering due to shrinkage after all my hard work. I then tore (I'm a fabric tearing kind of gal, but you can cut with your rotary cutter) several strips of fabric. Mine were 45" long taking advantage of the width of the fabric. The width depended on my whim. This was going to be a free form type project so I just went with it and made the width between about 1-1/2 inches and up to about 3". You can certainly be more exact but I went more casual.

I then went to the ironing board and folded one of the long edges in a little more than half way, just past the center and pressed it down nice and neat. Then I took the opposite long end and folded it lapping over the edge of the other fold so that it was lapping in the center and ironed it flat. I then turned up both ends and ironed them down.Determine a line to follow on your diaper so that the placement is straight. I eye balled it, but use whatever means needed to mark the diaper so that your trim is stitched nice and straight. I then lined up a short edge of the trim along the side edge of the diaper and began stitching down the middle of the trim folding up the fabric every so often creating a pleat. An important note is that you may not use the entire length of the fabric, so when you are getting close to the end you can cut the trim about 1 to 1-1/2 inches away from the end of the diaper and tuck under the raw end and make one last pleat by folding it up to match the pleat (that sounds confusing and I'll post a revision with pictures later on. One could even wrap it around to the back side and tuck under and catch it up in the stitching as you finish the pleat.It will look something like this. Don't worry about pleats being uneven. That is the whole idea -- to be casual. I then went on to add another strip preparing it the same way at the ironing board only making it narrower for a little variety. I then decided where to place it and sewed it down in the same way I did the first pleat.I now have 2 pleated trims. Looking pretty good.
I went on to add a 3rd fabric, again a tad smaller then the 2nd strip preparing it in the same way at the ironing board and sewing it down in casual pleated fashion.
The final result.
Sew Happy,


Friday, July 2, 2010


Sharing with you some of my favorite sites and some of the things I'm finding that truly speak to me creatively.

Who wouldn't want to wake up to this great bathroom? Fun, cheery, playful. What a way to start the day! Love it. Going to attempt a verson of that shower curtain one day soon. Yes. I. will. Check out my lily eden. Great site! Easily one of my favorites. A-line skirts just are great on just about every body type. For me, they give me the waist line that I lost long ago. I am in absolute awe with Jona from Stop Staring and Start Sewing! with her hard work in creating such a wonderful tutorial start to finish. This is absolutely on my to-do list.
I can't say enough about this cute little zippered bag. I found the great tutorial
here at Make It Perfect. Love, love, love this. This goes at the top of my lists of great bags! A definite near future project. More pictures here and here. Maybe I'll whip some up for Christmas this year.

Over at A Penny Saved I found this really great inital out of buttons. I've been looking for a great idea to incorporate our initals in our wall displays. This fits the ticket. Really easy and can be pretty easy on the pocket, too. Love Britt's stuff. She has many other really great ideas for walls. I go back there often for inspiration.

Sew Happy!



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