Friday, July 2, 2010


Sharing with you some of my favorite sites and some of the things I'm finding that truly speak to me creatively.

Who wouldn't want to wake up to this great bathroom? Fun, cheery, playful. What a way to start the day! Love it. Going to attempt a verson of that shower curtain one day soon. Yes. I. will. Check out my lily eden. Great site! Easily one of my favorites. A-line skirts just are great on just about every body type. For me, they give me the waist line that I lost long ago. I am in absolute awe with Jona from Stop Staring and Start Sewing! with her hard work in creating such a wonderful tutorial start to finish. This is absolutely on my to-do list.
I can't say enough about this cute little zippered bag. I found the great tutorial
here at Make It Perfect. Love, love, love this. This goes at the top of my lists of great bags! A definite near future project. More pictures here and here. Maybe I'll whip some up for Christmas this year.

Over at A Penny Saved I found this really great inital out of buttons. I've been looking for a great idea to incorporate our initals in our wall displays. This fits the ticket. Really easy and can be pretty easy on the pocket, too. Love Britt's stuff. She has many other really great ideas for walls. I go back there often for inspiration.

Sew Happy!


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