Friday, January 7, 2011

Stop The Train

I have weddings on the brain, I guess.
So, for fun
(I apparently have NOTHING to do),
I looked up
pictures of some
wedding dresses with trains.
Some are awe inspiring
and down right dramatic.  
Others, well... 
let's just say it takes a special bride to handle them. 
Enjoy some wedding inspiration and
maybe a laugh or two.
Let's start with some classics. 

Royal Length trains (10+ feet from waist)
are apparently rather trendy right now
according to 
This is lace love at its best.
I love the look of lace against the floor.

Now for the more unusual side.
gives us some
Here are just a few of the
interesting dresses found at this site.

 I think those are feathers with a set of wings on the back.
Very, angelic wouldn't you say? 
 The longest train on a wedding dress.
Makes you ask yourself,
"Where's the caboose?"
Peacock feathers. 
'Nuf said. 

Sew Happy,


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