Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Wedding Dress -- Sewing Day #5

Actually, I think it's more
like sewing day 8 or 9.
Basically, I've lost count.

Wish I could say I've lost weight
over this dress
but, no, sad to say
(gotta keep that chocolate rush going).
However, the lining is all finished.
The fit is near perfect.
The casing for the boning are in place.
All seams are pressed and finished.
Just need to place the bra cups
because I forgot to at our last fitting.

Here's where I'm at now.
It is so
beautiful gown
start to
The picture just doesn't do it justice.
I only have the front half of the dress here pinned to a hanger.
The top of the front is covered with
the more plain part of her lace yardage.
That will serve as a "base" or filler
for when I start to applique
the lace into place.
The idea here is give the lace
back its orginal
beauty and character
after I cut the
lace apart and
piece it all back together to
take shape on the bodice.
When I get to that part,
I'll share more on that.
But for now,
I have the front of the dress ready for its next stage.
Now, I need to cut out the 2 back pieces.
They are very long because of the uptakes in the train
and very wide, so this takes place...
don't laugh..
on my king size bed.
My kitchen table isn't big enough.
Most days my dog won't even walk on my floors.
So, the bed is
the only place
wide enough
and long enough to cut out these pieces.
Once these are cut out,
I will also apply the lace netting and
then do the
darts in the back
followed by the shoulder seams
and then the side seams.
Press, finish seams and then
onward to the lace applique
I'll snap some more pictures when I'm at this point,
maybe with the bride wearing it. :)

Sew Happy,
I am sharing my wedding dress adventures
on a few of the linky parties
listed on my linky party page.
Check them out.


  1. Hi Suzie, Keep sharing this pretty dress with us! I can't wait to see how it shapes up. You are a brave woman!


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