Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I've Been Up To - A Saturday Off

I work from home and
I work Saturdays.

Not today.

No work available.

that frees me up to do some other things.

Like laundry.

After a hard morning's work,
This is my proud accomplishment.

Empty laundry baskets.
A rare sight indeed.

Imagine my surprise when
the next time I passed through the
laundry room
I found this.
Seems my youngest daughter decided to clean her room.


At least I got a picture of the empty baskets
to prove
my morning
did count
for something.

On a more productive note,
I did manage to do a bit of mending.
Things have been sitting around
waiting for my attention because
of my latest adventures
in wedding sewing.

So, I mended my son's pants this morning.


I worked on my daughter's wedding dress.
It needs a few alterations.
It's a lot of dress
and has proven to be rather

All of this while listening to season 4
of Grey's Anatomy.

Sew Happy,

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