Monday, February 21, 2011

Gotta a Hole in One?

First of all,
let me apologize
to the
who commented on my other posting of this tutorial.
I have had to go in
and redo the whole thing
because blogger
is acting stupid
and wouldn't
let me do any edits.
I loved your comment
and feel bad for having to delete it.

I realized that
jeans with holes in them
are a bit of a fashion
these days.

I was raised in a time
when one ironed their
blue jeans.

So, jeans with holes in them
kind of
go against my
(no pun intended)

I raised 4 boys.
Hand-me-downs were
just a way of life
when it came to blue jeans.
So patches were
It was a part of
my family
without going broke.

Here's how I have always done it.
Try not to let your holes get too big.
However, I have patched worse and they've turned out okay.
You will need a piece of fabric large enough to fit under the hole
as a base for your repair.
I have a stack of these cut from
pair of jeans too far gone to fix.
Take your seam ripper and open the
leg seam that is not double stitched.
Sometimes this is on the outside, sometimes the inside.
This allows you to get in
the pant leg on the machine.
Pin the patch fabric to the inside underneath
the area to be fixed.
Set your machine at a wide zig-zag stitch.

Find a coordinating thread in your thread box.
This is a great place to use up
all those odd bobbin colors that
you have.
Start stitching.
Work back and forth using your reverse button
to take the stitches backwards.
Keep going until you have covered the entire hole.
Quickly zig-zag around the area in a square
to clean things up a bit.
Begin stitching the opposite way, filling in the square.
Trim the backing fabric back a bit and sew up the pant leg again.
 Here is a pocket that I patched on that same pair of jeans.
I had to take the pocket completely off
and sew it back on again,
but it looks great.

Sew Happy,

I'm sharing this tutorial on these on some of these


  1. Where was this a year ago? I threw all of my favorite jeans! Thanks for sharing so I don't lose anymore!

  2. I have been using patches and contrasting thread. i like this because it actually hides the hole! thanks.

  3. wow, looks easy when you have some one who knows what they are doing show you!!!

  4. This has a cool look all on it's own! I like it.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! I found this awhile ago but I finally got down to fixing my blue jeans! It is wonderful to NOT have holes in my pants! Thank you- and I shared a link to this post on my blog!


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