Monday, March 14, 2011

"Let Them Eat Cake"

Cake has been the topic around here lately,
and cupcakes for that matter.

The bride has finally made
some design choices that I think will
be absolutely

I can hardly wait to see it.

We've also decided to serve cupcakes, and we've been debating
flavors, colors
the newest trend in all things cupcake,
cupcake wrappers --
Damask wrappers to be exact.
Did you know that they can cost upwards of $1.00
a piece??
Neither did I.
Talk about sticker shock!
We're working on a creative solution
that won't brake the bank.

In the mean time,
I've collected some fun and beautiful cakes
to sweeten up your day.

From what I can tell, ruffles seem to be a new trend in cakes. 
I love it! 
A great cake with lots of really classic elements, stylish yet fun. 
Who doesn't love Rice Krispie Treats, I ask? 
What a fun wedding that would have been. 
I had to post this one. 
My husband would have loved this if it were our cake. 
It may not be everyone's style,
but you have to admit it is a work of art, nontheless. 
Such a popular theme and a great cake! 
I could just sit and stare at it forever. 
A spherical cake has always intriged me.
This is so pretty! 
Love those colors, too. 
These two cakes seem to mimick the back of a wedding gown. 
I love that look! 
When we were considering cakes for my daughter,
we did consider trying to replicate her dress somehow. 
If I had a "do-over," I think I'd go for something like this. 
Clean, classic and just a hint of bling. 
Again, the ruffled look! 
Love the variation in shades in this cake. 
My youngest daugher loves, loves, loves purple. 
I could easily see this as an option for her. 

These lovely cakes, and more, are found at
Check it out!

Sew Happy, 


  1. Beautiful cakes!!! I think that top one is my favorite! :)


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