Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sugar Overload or What to Leave Santa With That Milk

These just scream
don't they? 

Cupcakes being all the rage,
it's natural to expect them to
show up at some point in cookie form. 
Aren't these pretty? 
Inspiration found at the The Cupcake Blog
Here's a friendly little guy. 
What's Christmas without Gingerbread Men (and women)
Has tons of great gingerbread recipes! 
The Food Network is a great source
for some fabulous holiday treats like
I love ways to get more cookie
into a cookie!
That means more cookie in the mouth! 
brings us some buttery, light
Spritz cookies,
aways a Christmas favorite! 
And last but certainly not the least,
my mom's
totally awesome
Christmas NEVER happened without
dozens made well in advance,
stashed in the freezer, then
carefully packaged and
handed out to neighbors and friends. 
Try them with red and green M&Ms!

No matter what comes out of your
ovens this Holiday Season,
may there be many
loved ones around you to share! 

Sew Happy,

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