Saturday, November 13, 2010

And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care....

Who dosesn't just love Christmas Stockings?
Especially filled with all sorts of goodies inside.
One of the most prized Christmas
items I have is the red flannel
stocking with my name all in glitter
that dad brought home one night
as a surprise for each of us kids.
I still have it.
I'll never part with it.
It holds some wonderful
Christmas morning

With the Holidays fast approaching
I'm sure you are like me...
decorating is on the brain.
Here are some fun and unique
Christams stockings
to get those
decorative juices flowing.
Have a great weekend!

Wild life at its best.
Love these!
Besides being just darn cute,
they're perfect for those
gifts on your list.
Stockings out of old blue jeans.
Of course!
Why didn't I think of that.
By far, I think these are the most creative stockings I've found so far.
Recycled stockings out of old sweaters!
Aren't these great!
I hooked a rug tree skirt
for our first Christmas tree.
What fun that was!
These remind me a bit of that
first Christmas together.
Who said yellow isn't a great
Christmast color?
Not me.
I have always wanted to learn
how to knit socks.
It's one of those things on
my bucket list.
Here's a great example of
Sigh. Someday I'll have the time.
I found these over at Moda Bakeshop.
I really think homemade stockings
are the best. 
Very stylish, don't ya think?
Great way to end a search for
Christmas stockings!
for the Holidays.

Sew Happy,

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  1. Loving these ideas! The animal ones are great and I also love the textured rug ones!


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