Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I've Been Up To

It seems this week is just flying by!  Can it truly be Thursday already?  And November to boot! 
When you're busy, time just slips by so quickly. 
Thank you one and all for your kind remarks about my infant-stage blog.  I'm still learning. 
Hopefully, things will look more pulled together at some point. 
But what wonderful readers and followers! 
I am truly blessed to have so many new friends. 
Yes, indeed. 

I've been plenty busy lately. 
I was invited to participate
In a boutique sponsered by
Humphrey Elementary PTO
in Chandler, Arizona. 
Anyone from that area
can look forward to a great
night of boutique shopping
crafts for the kids and
a special shop just for
kids to shop for gifts
I'll be there with quite a few
goodies to make your holidays a bit easier. 
I thought I would share
a few
of them
with all my new friends and
invite anyone out there
living or visiting in that
to attend if they can. 
This will be held
December 3, 2010
5-8 pm
I don't have the address
right in front of me at this moment
but if you email me
I can get that right out to you. 

Guess we are all in full
Crafting mode
For the Holidays now. 

Here are a few of the journals I've made and some details favorites. 

Sew Happy,

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